Monday, November 28, 2011

Krystal... maternity

i was absolutely bummed when mine and krystal's schedules didn't match up for one of her weekly photo ops for her pregnancy album. Jesse and I had our engagement session lined up with Krystal during our trip to WI for Thanksgiving... I was ECSTATIC when Krystal asked if I could snap a few photos of her!! :) Me? Photographing Krystal Muellenberg?! ummm.. YES PLEASE!! Especially when I thought my chance had passed. We had talked about what hasn't been done yet when there have been so many photographers using their creativeness ..(not much..) She had some inspiration for some silhouettes, so we went to town... well,  more like on the outskirts of town :)

Krystal- THANK YOU so very much for giving me the opportunity to document this very special time in your life! I cant wait to meet him or her!! And for you to photograph us some more at our wedding!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Alisha and Tony Family Session

I had SO much fun with Tony and Alisha and their puppy dogs. Tony and Alisha are THE MOST down-to-earth and genuine people. They have been foster parents to one of their dogs for 6 months and will continue until that perfect family comes along to take it home, I give them SO much credit for giving an animal a loving home with other playmates. I wouldn't be able to say goodbye.. and because of that i'd probably have 50 dogs running around LOL.  Thank you for bearing through the hurricane force winds with me and for a wonderful afternoon!! :) Enjoy! 

 She is the boss of the house.. but she's just so darn cute that I cant help but smile at her. 
 Big tongue sticking out.. then just a little peek in this one. :)

 Tony drives tuck all during the week and into the weekends, so he's only home for a short period of time.. seemed fitting that we took a photo with his pride and joy... and his "second home". 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Aaron and Lisa {married}

What a wedding!! I had so much fun with Aaron and Lisa.. from the engagement photos to the wedding day, they have been awesome and I have enjoyed my time with them SO very much... I had met Aaron and Lisa a few years ago on New Year's Eve (im pretty sure it was a little after they started dating if I remember correctly..?) at Kay's house (one of their bridesmaids). They were a riot then.. and still are! I was absolutely honored when they asked me to capture their wedding. Getting to know these two has been awesome and I couldn't be more happy for them! There wedding day was filled with fun, laughter and it was laid back- which fits these two to a "T". 

 Her dress was absolutely stunning. The detail was amazing!
 and.. her ring is even more stunning! 

 Her bridesmaids and mom were all in on putting her dress on and making sure everything was perfect! There was not a shortage of helping hands here! 


 Lisa and her sisters... cant you tell?!?! LOL  There was a bit of confusion before the ceremony when someone thought they saw Lisa in a bridesmaids dress. 
 The groomsmen were HIL-AR-I-OUS! I dont think i've ever laughed so hard... 
 But.. i must say i loved these red chairs. 

 Aaron proposed in a corn field, so it was very fitting that husks were brought into the church decor. 
 Yes, the church has red carpet.. but- it was actually very cool!
 Waiting for the ceremony to start....

 Like i said.. the day was full of laughter. The whole church was laughing at this point with a comment the minister had said in regards to marriage and what Aaron's new duties are. :D

 LOVE her dress.. i know i've said it before.. but honestly! Look at the detail!
 HA!!! YEA!!! i was all about the sunglasses!
 Rollin' like rock stars! 
 Even mom got in on the limo music! 

 ... always a helping hand(s) ready when she needed!

 LOL.. Love it.. I was laughing so hard at this point... it was hard to keep the camera still. 
 The maid-of-honor got the honor of wearing chicken feet slippers for the chicken dance.. and Aaron and Lisa 50 years from now. 

 It's a Brandau thing I guess.. "fishin' in the dark"

Yay!! Congratulations again you guys! 

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