Monday, October 31, 2011

Aaron and Lisa {married} (teaser)

I know that in a teaser, you're only supposed to post 1, maybe 2, photos. But seriously, I just couldn't decide. So I'm breaking the rules a little and posting a few more for their teaser. Be sure to check back later this week as a full post will be made!!!! And, THANK YOU to Aaron and Lisa for asking me to be a part of their day, it was absolutely perfect! Enjoy!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hase Family

Alright.. seriously. I. Had. A. BLAST. with this family! You'll see why while viewing this blog. The two boys are so energetic and love to dote on mom and dad. :) Which I absolutely love. Enjoy! 

 LOL!! they had such a fun time!

 Love this one...

 ... and this is what I mean... LOVE IT!!!!!!

 he was so excited to throw some leaves too!!
this was very cute.. I turned around for about 3 seconds, look back, and he's handing his mom this.  

Scott... Professional Photos

Scott was the recipient of the photo session I used as a door prize at Business After Hours a couple months ago! He decided to make good use of the session and have some professional photos taken as well as some candids. Enjoy!

Whitney Senior Session

Whitney is one of the most genuine girls I have ever met. She was all about finding the "peacock" downtown, so we were on a mission... Luckily, it was a pretty easy find. Kinda hard to miss a large peacock on the back side of a building. :) Enjoy!

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Mapes Boys! ...oh boy!

Oh boy did I have fun with these two.. who wouldn't?!?! They are cute and adorable and goofy all rolled into two little bunches of boy!

I mean seriously.. who couldn't love these two!

 He mimicked my every move for about 2 minutes.. if i crouched down to be by him, he crouched down with me.. if i stood up, he popped right up. It made me giggle a little with him.

 LOVE their shoes!!!! Ah!

 Curious little minds..
 i think this is one of my favs.. :D

 they even played peek-a-boo with me!
 gotta love his tie peeking out with him..

 again.. curious minds, although he did say there were some cars in there!

 Pound it! Blow it up!

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