Saturday, September 29, 2012

{Nelson & Jodi} Married!: Rustic Oaks Wedding Photographer

I seriously think this will be by far one of my LONGEST wedding posts. I loved every single second of Jodi and Nelson's wedding day, and it was hard to narrow down my favorite photos.

I told the story of how Nelson and Jodi met in their engagement session. With Nelson being from Argentina, his family was not able to make the trip to Rustic Oaks. So, the videographer, had a live video set up with Nelson's family in Argentina so they were able to share in the ceremony.  They included some American and Argentinean traditions in their wedding and post ceremony festivities.

Nelson and Jodi have such an aura about them, that it is hard to not instantly like them. They are so loving, playful, caring, kind and generous. I've posted so many of my favorite photos, enjoy!


Nelson had a gift given to Jodi to open before she put her dress on. She started reading the card and instantly started laughing.. read a little further and had this confused look on her face. Nelson had written that the gift could be used on their honeymoon- so she was trying to figure out what it could possibly be..... then... she opened the gift! LOL Its a pig neck pillow! 

Their first look took place by the pond. Love this photo of Jodi walking down.  

Jodi's dad didn't think he looked good when he fully smiles... I told him he was crazy. Its an infectious smile... makes me smile every time I see it. :)

Rustic Oaks is literally a photographers dream... so many opportunities for natural light photos. 


In Argentina, it is custom to drink a glass of wine together during the ceremony. So they brought an American idea of sealing up a wine box with a bottle of wine to open years down the road, as well as drinking their favorite wine.

Love it.......!!!!!!!!

Right after the ceremony, Nelson and Jodi snuck away to call his family. They were so proud and happy!

 Love this setting... the light, the valley, the trees... its all perfect!

In Argentina, it is custom for the groom to hold the wedding cake. There are strings that are put into the middle of the cake, and all the single ladies are to pull on the string. There is ONE string that has a ring attached to the end. Whomever gets the ring, is the next to be married...... and who was the lucky lady?!?!? Scroll to find out! 

JODI's MOM!!!!!!!!!!!

Love this photo of the inside of the barn! And of their first dance!

Friday, September 28, 2012

{Marshall and Courtney} Married!: Fargo Wedding Photographer

Marshall and Courtney had a very small and quaint ceremony at the location where they first the front lobby of where Courtney works! They turned the lobby into a small ceremony site. They had planned just a couple hours for the wedding and dinner. Everyone that was there to share in their wedding evening were in for a treat, right down to the homemade hors d' oeuvres. Below are a few of my favs! Enjoy!

Courtney had a couple friends helping her get ready... they were speechless to see her all ready to walk down the isle. 

Courtney wore her mothers ring on a necklace... very touching. 

Gotta love the sense of humor here...

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