Sunday, October 8, 2017

Alex + Heather

Heather and Alex warned me that they love to have fun and laugh. There aren't too many serious moments between them and they expected their wedding day to also be full of laughs. They hit it right on the nail... yes, there were some tears. Yes, there were some emotional and serious moments, but the majority of their day was full of joking around and having fun. They truly enjoyed themselves as they became Mr. & Mrs. 
 They had their very closest friends with them on their wedding day. Alex and his groomsmen all (but one) were in the same shop class together. It had such an impact on their lives and friendships that they wanted to have it be a part of their wedding day.  They called in a favor and special request.... and were granted the exciting opportunity to take photos in the very same shop they all grew so close at.   
Please enjoy and laugh and giggle right along with them. 


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