Sunday, May 31, 2015

∞ The Johnson's ∞ Newborn

I have a special place in my heart for this family of, now, 3. Courtney and Stephan asked me to photograph their wedding 2 years ago, and now have had me take newborn photos for their first born.  Courtney and Stephan have moved to Grand Forks, and were willing to travel down to Fargo for me to take their photos. All of these combined is one of the biggest compliments I could have ever received. I am so blessed. Here are a few of my favorites of their little peanut, enjoy!

She had to peek out to see what we were doing. :) ...... that smile.    Melts my heart.

Courtney was teasing Stephan saying that she already isn't a Sioux fan. Ha.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

∞ Andeway's ∞

The Andeway's are about to become a family of 4! They wanted to have a maternity/family session before baby comes. Arianna is excited to be a big sister, although she isn't sure what all that means yet. And mom and dad are anxious to meet their peanut. They didn't find out what they are having, so it will be an exciting time for everyone. Be on the look out for a newborn session once the baby comes.

Here are a few of my favorites, enjoy!

Such a curious little mind :)

∞ Joe + Kira ∞ Married!

Joe and Kira had a beautiful day for their wedding yesterday. They are getting ready to head out on their honeymoon, so I want to be sure they see a photo or two from their wedding before they leave. The rest of their blog story will be shared when they get back.

Enjoy the peek... and your HONEYMOON!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

∞ Lainey ∞ Newborn

Little Miss Lainey has arrived! A little sooner than mom and dad were thinking, but to be sure everyone was safe, she had to come just a little early. She was sleeping so peaceful when I arrived, but then she sensed something was up and didn't want to go back to sleep. :) She didn't care to be nakie, so we had to think quick and switch gears. Nothing that some snuggles and a darling book wouldn't cure. Here are a few of my favorites, enjoy!

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