Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hillary & Shane

Let me start off by saying, I have never seen SO MANY people on the dance floor at a wedding. So many that they were off of the designated dancing platform. 

This first photo pretty much sums up Shane & Hillary's wedding day. So much laughter and having the time of their lives. 

I met Hillary and the girls at the hotel while they finished getting ready for the day. Hillary had 7 bridemaids, so it was like one big slumber party with music and makeup.  Then I headed to meet Shane and he directed me to their first look location. This location is so near and dear to them as it is where Shane proposed. ..... Shane 'made' Hillary go on a walk with him, and when they reach their destination, he had prepared the road with "Hillary Mae, Will You Marry Me?" in chalk.  Of course, she said YES!!!! 

The rest of the day was so wonderful as they were surrounded by so many of those that they love and adore. Both of their moms came to me and wanted to do a special photo. They wanted to each have their respective childs' wedding ring on their pinky. I thought it was the sweetest idea and I was more than happy to make their idea a reality. I wish I could hear Hillary's reaction to the photo as the moms and I had a little chuckle thinking of what Hillary would say. Shane's mom said it exactly how Hillary's mom and I were thinking she'd react. 

After the ceremony, everyone let loose and their personalities came out. I could tell most of their bridal party has been friends of theirs for years. They knew exactly what the other was thinking and amped up the fun. 

I have quite a few photos to share, enjoy!

This photo is of Shane and Hillary's brother. It so reminds me of the photo floating around of a dad ,with his arm around his daughters prom date, and captioned it "what ever you do to my daughter, I will do the same to you" so hilarious.

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