Friday, October 26, 2018

Black Friday preview!

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Jeremy + Dawnielle Grand View Lodge, Nisswa, MN

Dawnielle and Jeremy had a very intimate and romantic evening wedding at the Grand View Lodge in Nisswa, MN. Surrounded by trees, water and love, they committed to stand by each others side for the rest of their lives. They are both avid outdoor lovers so they made sure to bring the outdoors with them in little touches throughout their wedding. 
They met at Fair Hills, on Pelican so it has a very special meaning to them. Their ring box was made from a tree limb at Fair Hills! So personal and meaningful. I had goosebumps seeing it for the first time. Then their centerpieces and cake stands were made from trees at Fair Hills as well.  Jeremy loves to rock climb, so their unity rope was tied into an infinity knot, being the strongest of knots and only gets stronger the harder it is pulled. Their tables for dinner were all named after a place of special meaning to them as a couple. So many meaningful touches. 
Please, enjoy.  

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