Friday, February 5, 2016

Megan + Andy

Megan and Andy's wedding day was filled with a million different emotions. From over the moon happy to bittersweet sadness. Megan's father passed away in 2009, but Megan had him with her every step of her wedding day. She had a patch sewn into her dress and a photo of him on her bouquet. Little did she know, her mom kept one secret for her father. He wrote her, and each of her siblings, a letter before he passed. He wanted it to be read at her (their) wedding. When it was read, at the reception, there wasn't a dry eye that I could see. Through all of the tears, I could tell Megan and Andy have a huge support system full of love and strength behind them.

Their biggest supporters are their families and friends. They chose to the closest stand by their side as they vowed to be loving and faithful to each other for the rest of their lives. The day was too cold to spend any time outdoors, but I feel the colors of the church complimented their black dresses, black tuxes and pops of red and gold. And their reception, WOW! Every detail was spot on! They even had lounge chairs next to the dance floor, something I've never seen before.

I have quite a few favorites, enjoy!

How many ladies does it take to put finishing touches on a bride??  Six. 

He introduced his "hot wife" to the crowd! 

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