Sunday, July 29, 2012

Aaker family

I apologize for the blog silence these past couple weeks... we've been hitting the wedding plans hard- but we are nearing the finish line-aka-the ceremony- :)  Here are a couple of my favorites from the Aaker family. I met them at the family lake cabin that they have taken family photos at for many years. Such a GREAT looking family!!!!  Enjoy!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

{Eric & Denelle} Married!

Last weekend was Eric and Denelle's wedding here in Fargo, which was a meet in the middle for their families.  Denelle is from Canada and Eric is from Minnesota, so needless to say there was some all-in-good-fun bantering back and forth (do you remember their jersey photos from their engagement session? Denelle is actually a darn good hockey player and that is reason how her and Eric met) :D  Their wedding party had me laughing....non-stop...all day! Denelle is SUPER close to her brothers, so there were a couple priceless stories that went along with the toasts. I had such a great time with these two... I wish you nothing but happiness! Enjoy!

I am envious of her shoes... I was looking for something similar for my upcoming wedding :)

The first look... the whole way walking over to Eric, Denelle was picking on him. Which in turn made him laugh.. definitely a memorable moment. 

Eric was very attentive. He picked up her dress to walk back to the church---get this---with out being asked to! 

The bridesmaids were caught peeking out of the windows of the church...I didn't realize it until after the photo had been taken..sneaky!! 

There was no shortage of love 

Eric was caught..."left"handed, showing off his ring.

Gotta love a bride that winks at ME... LOL!

See what I mean... these two were having the time of their life, LOVE IT!

These girls claim that they are each Denelle's favorite Canadian, Minnesotan and North Dakotan. 

Congratulations, Eric and Denelle!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

{Nick and Molly} Married!: Fargo Wedding Photographer

A few weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to join Katie Lewis at Nick and Molly's Fargo wedding. The weather was perfect for their outdoor ceremony. Their day was filled of love and laughter. Their day started out at the Renaissance Hall for the guys getting ready and the girls at the Avalon. From there, their outdoor ceremony was at the old Trollwood and reception was at the Avalon. The first dance was a faster number, which I thought was petty awesome! Congratulations, Nick and Molly! Enjoy! 

Look at this jaw-dropping dress!!! It fit perfect, in every way. Molly customized the dress, so it was all hers. 

Loved the green shoes!

The guys got a special gift from the girls.... SOCKS! :D

Patiently waiting for the time to come to see his bride....

Their first look was so emotional. I had tears in my eyes watching her.

They had a ring-warming during the ceremony. The rings are tied together and each guest is to hold the rings and give a silent warm wish or love to the couple. 

Aren't these center pieces wonderful?!

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