Sunday, November 24, 2013

{Melissa and Matt}: Fargo Wedding Photographer

Last weekend was Melissa and Matt's wedding here in Fargo. They had such a beautiful day, and evening. Melissa and Matt had a short relationship before getting engaged-- they have known each other for quite a while, however-- but there was nothing short about their wedding day. Their day was full of love, laughter and support. They had their reception at the Multiband Building in the atrium, I was pleasantly surprised as I had no idea that they held receptions there. Here are a few of my favorites from their day, enjoy!

Matt kept asking Melissa if she had a bracelet for the wedding day… she was planning no jewelry, except for earrings and her rings,… until Matt's gift to her showed up. How sweet!!! 

We took the limo bus for a ride around town and stopped at the Fargo Theatre for a must have photo.

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