Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Logan + Anna

I was so happy these two made a trip to the lakes and met me on Pelican for their engagement photos. It happened to be the weekend of our Canadian wildfire haze cover, which made for a beautiful color to the lake and background. But, can I just say how picture perfect these two are?! ugh, so in love with all of their photos. Its been a struggle to narrow down and pick my favorites. Enjoy!

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Monday, June 24, 2019

Andrea + Alyson

I was so happy when I heard that these two wanted to have Andrea in uniform for a few photos. The lightheartedness that was brought, even with formality of the uniform, was truly wonderful to see. And, their daughter made for the perfect addition to their Downtown Fargo engagement photos. She was so stinking adorable in her skirt and was so excited to be part of their photos.  She is an avid outdoor child and rock lover, so I made sure to put her on the biggest rock pile I could find. She felt right at home :D
Andrea and Alyson will be getting married later this year and I am honored they have picked me to capture their wedding! They were all for trekking through the mud with me to find the best spots for some beautiful photos (thank goodness the rain finally stopped!!) so I know they'll be up for some fun photos on their wedding day.

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