Thursday, September 10, 2020

Gerad + Amber

What I love about these two:  they attempted to do the Dirty Dancing lift. I was blown away when they said that they've been practicing and have nailed it a couple of times. So, naturally, I made them attempt it for me. They were so, so, so close to fully nailing it, one arm away. To be sure they still love me, I won't post their try, but I will say they have the fundamentals down pact!  But in all seriousness, their engagement photos were just perfect.

Fargo Engagement Photographer
Fargo Wedding Photographer
Hilton Garden Inn Wedding
Orchard Glen, Fargo 

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Grant + Haley

After a bit of re-planning, Grant and Haley had a wonderful Sunday wedding at The Pines.  The Pines didn't disappoint! Its such a stunning wedding venue, and ultimately, I feel it fit Haley and Grants wedding day perfectly. 
They decided not to do a first look... and let me tell you, their first glance when the doors were pulled back, was so heart felt. Both on the verge of tears. They made it through without tears, but as soon as they came back down the aisle as Mr. and Mrs., Haley couldn't help but be so overcome with happiness that she couldn't keep it in any longer. 
They went right into their first dance after being announced at their reception, which left lots of time for socializing with their guests. 
We spent our final few minutes together enjoying the sunset and some wide open space. It was so nice to give them a a few minutes to just be...just be together and enjoy their first moments and memories as a married couple. 

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